5 things that should not be missing on your website

There are probably dozens of things that come to mind as an entrepreneur when asking this question. The things below are sometimes forgotten, but they certainly contribute to making your website profitable.

1. CTA

A CTA or 'Call to action' is an assignment that you give to the visitor of your website and is usually presented in the form of a button. Make this button attractive and clickable by using bright colors and a clear font.

Keep your CTAs short, to the point and most importantly, clear. Use verbs such as 'get', 'start', 'download' to ensure that the visitor takes action and thus ensures conversion. Also think carefully about the placement of your CTA on different screens. Raise your CTA on your mobile website.


A sitemap is, as it were, the table of contents on your website and also improves the findability of your website in Google. Visitors who have lost their way on your website can consult here to find what they are looking for.

Not sure if you have a sitemap? Then type “sitemap.xml” after your domain name to see if you have one. Nothing found? On the website of xml.sitemaps.com you can scan your website, download your sitemap and add it in the code of your website.


Spreading the good news is much faster by using social share buttons. Encourage readers to share your products, services and/or texts via social media and your reach will be much greater.


Keep it simple! Try to offer all the data on your website in bite-sized chunks. Try to work with categories as much as possible and limit the number of buttons in your navigation bar. Always put yourself in the mind of your target audience. For example, where would they expect the contact page?

The search function is also often underestimated, 30% of visitors use the search bar.


Yes, it takes time and we all prefer to just sell… Still, a blog is a good way to bond with your customers and to express yourself as an expert in your field. In addition, it is a cheap advertising medium and makes your company more personal and accessible.

In addition, almost all websites nowadays have a blog, it seems a bit strange if you as a professional in your field do not have one. A blog is also very interesting for your findability in Google, because Google loves websites that continue to grow. All in all, a blog will certainly prove worthwhile.