Email marketing

From newsletters to more visitors to your website

Email marketing isn't just for newsletters

Email marketing is the right choice if you want to increase the loyalty and engagement of your target audience. Research has shown that customers are up to 70% more loyal to your company by using E-mail marketing.


Message tailored to the customer journey?

Send your email to the right person at the right time. Did you know that a mailing can yield up to 50% conversion when you leave a shopping cart?


Do you interact in your mailing?

It is no longer enough to just design a static mail to generate conversions. Use GIF images to make your mailings much more dynamic.


Personalization is king

Do you personally address your customer via a MERGE tag in your emails? By using this tag you give the recipient a personal feeling that will lead to an action or conversion.


The right software for your target audience

Did you know that it is very important which software you use to send your emails? Using certain software can cause your e-mails to immediately end up in spam.

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