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The right choice

Building a new website can cause a lot of choice stress. Not every CMS system is suitable for your company. We are happy to help you make the right choice.

Our method

Working together?

Our digital experts are waiting to start your digital project. We like a long-term partnership so that we can achieve your goals together.


Information collection

We work in a creative approach according to a diverging – converging model:

Collect (technical) information
Specify the user needs and objectives in concrete terms
Choosing the Right CMS - Starting the Configuration


Development according to the latest standard

After design, our development can also get to work. We use production environments, thoroughly test ourselves and write clear documentation so that you can always view the production environment via a test URL. In addition, the development takes place in the environment that best emerges from our information collection.

We usually work for this in short sprints. This means that we schedule demo moments at the end of each programming sprint. By getting feedback as early as possible in the process, we can make quicker adjustments to eliminate any delays in the development process early.


Mutual validation & monitoring

We validate correct operation through manual and automatic testing, but also log and monitor traffic on servers and devices. From any previous website experience we can use your accumulated data to make a better estimate of which type of server we deem necessary for your project. In this way, your visitors are guaranteed to experience a correct and pleasant surfing experience.

Through our monitoring, we know when something is wrong with your website and we can anticipate immediately, so that the solution is usually almost ready before a user even notices it.

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