LinkedIn automation

Prospect in an automated way through LinkedIn automation

LinkedIn automation

How to start?

The first real reason why you should use LinkedIn automation is undoubtedly a big saving in time. Our software itself searches for potential customers based on your profile who may be of interest to you.

Send personalized messages to prospects in an automatic way. Still not received a response? No worries. Through our converting model, we ensure that your prospect will contact you after all.


Set up – Test – Improve
Only in this way you get the best possible results

Our experts provide the start-up of your LinkedIn automation and then follow up your campaign. You only need to convert your prospects yourself.

By using LinkedIn automation you are able to approach your target group in an effective way.

You are able to automate a scenario, automatically send messages, AB testing,…

The costs depend on various factors and which goals you wish to achieve. Schedule a free consultation with our strategic analysts.
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