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Food solutions

A specialized Cloud food system that helps enterprises to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities, including product categories, products, all customization and other related product information, as well as multi-site management through a single management user interface to manage all day-to-day activities in the restaurant departments and departments.
Auction ERP

Auction solutions

A perfect combination of advanced technology, modern design and high performance. It offers you a unique tool to maintain your online auction activities. Our solution comes with mobile friendly, smartphone compatible Android and IOS application.

The system is easy to operate and manage, yet it is innovative and complete. A host of exclusive features and functionalities will make you stand out in the market and help you compete with the industry leaders.

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Retail solutions

Never miss a sale again with our retail solution. From sales screen and stock management to reporting and accounting. Even if you are not online for a while, our software will continue to work.

scheduling ERP

scheduling solutions

A specialized Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning system that helps enterprises collect, store, manage and download data from many business activities

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