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What is Local SEO?

This way you can be found locally for SEO.

Those closer to you will be convinced of your offer faster. When you use a search term like “hairdresser” on Google, you expect a local result and not one that is 100km away.

Betting on local SEO is a simple quick win that will make you a lot of money since whoever searches for your service also plans to come by. This way you only look for a hairdresser when you need one and not to maybe come by in the future. In short, the intention of the seeker is very high. This is especially beneficial for shops, restaurants and service providers that you need now (empty septic tank, lawyer, …).

Since only three results are usually shown for local results, the competition to belong here is very high.

Did you know that a first position in Google maps yields up to 60% more clicks to your website? Are you a local trader? Then you should undoubtedly bet on the power of local SEO.

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