Is your marketing ready for the holidays?

Most of your customers are browsing gifts for other people, so your Product Recommendation strategy doesn’t necessarily need to be personalized at this time. Christmas is a time for inspiration, so lend your shoppers a hand by displaying what other customers have viewed or purchased during the holiday season. This creates a sense of social validation and also increases FOMO (or ‘fear of missing out’ – which we’ll cover in a later section).

There are many ways to work with Product Recommendations for your Christmas ecommerce setup – such as using filters based on categories, product tagging, prices or whatever specific filter makes sense for your store. Display as many of these recommendations possible (but still in a structured and navigation-friendly way).

One clever tactic is to create one recommendation slot that caters to the gift recipient. For example, if the user is looking for a gift for mom/dad, it makes sense to exclude products and gift ideas geared towards children.

By distinguishing recommendations based on the gift recipient, not only do you save your shoppers time browning irrelevant products, but you’re also helping guide them towards items that speak most to what they’re looking for – which also decreases the chances of them bouncing to another website.